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In February 2013, Patrick Haseldine wrote:

Hi Ole,

Your excellent book "Coup d'Etat in Slow Motion" makes a very strong case against South African 'superspy' Craig Williamson as the mastermind behind both the murder of Olof Palme and the targeting of Bernt Carlsson.

You reported that three independent sources had informed the head of CID, Tommy Lindström, that Williamson and his death squad were in Stockholm around the time of Palme's murder. And that journalist Mari Sandström wrote in Svenska Dagbladet that a murder team of three had departed Johannesburg on a Lux Avia flight on 2 November 1985 with the task of assassinating Olof Palme. One of the men was said to be "big, more than 6-foot tall, red-headed, with a large face, hands and fingers."

Now take a look at this video of Craig Williamson being interviewed by SABC in advance of his amnesty hearing at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: (

Narrative: Craig Williamson may be the most valuable security forces operative ever to apply for amnesty. From the early to middle 1980s he headed the Foreign Section of the Security Police. He then joined Military Intelligence and in the latter 1980s he became a National Party member of the President's Council. During that time he served on a sub-committee of the State Security Council which did target selection:

Q. Who knew about the operations you conducted?
A. I'd like you to ask my superiors and my political superiors, and the political leaders of the country at the time, who knew what I and others were doing.
Q. Did they know?
A. Of course they knew!

So if you (and Anders Hasselbohm) accept that Craig Williamson was behind Olof Palme's murder and the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103, then he was acting on the ultimate authority of President P W Botha.

Please see my article "From Chequers to Lockerbie" (


Ole Dammegård replied:

Dear Patrick,
Thank you for your kind words regarding my book. But you have totally misunderstood if you claim that I say that P W Botha was responsible for the assassination of Olof Palme. That is not the way I see it.
I do believe though that Bernt Carlsson was the target of the Lockerbie bomb.