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Hi, Christopher! Just read your piece on Ukraine--great work. I need some help. I'm brand new to Wikispooks (and very excited!), so please forgive me if you find this a bother, but I've got a translation of an excellent investigative report (roughly 10 min.) done for a major German TV program back in April detailing a lot of evidence that the Maidan shootings were the work of pro-coup forces, and showing that the interim government's 'investigation' is a total sham. I really don't know exactly where/how to post this, though. Am I supposed to find a link somewhere in your article page, as one of the guidelines here suggests? Or do I just put it on my own Wikispooks page and let people find it for themselves? Also, since this is a translation of a transcript, I assume that there'll be no copyright problems, right? I don't want to get anyone in trouble. Thanks for your help in advance... J. Brennan

You are unlikely to get a response from CB here. The page itself is about about Christopher Bollyn. He is not registered on the site. Similarly (for example) Craig Murray is not registered on the site. If he were, he would have a page prefixed with "User:". All that said the subject you discuss is very important indeed. I am well aware of much evidence that the snipers were under instructions from the anti-Yanuchovutch forces and that the current Kiev investigation is in fact aimed at careful cover-up/whitewash (For example, the trees hit by bullets which would provide trjectory information have been removed). There is already a bit of info about it on the Ukraine coup 2014 page but it would benefit from considerable fleshing out. To that end I have created Ukraine coup 2014/Maidan snipers page. Please use that to add any info you have. Don't worry about formatting - that will come with wikitext practice; I and others will dive in and help with any techie stuff. --Peter P (talk) 06:37, 22 May 2014 (IST)