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A mix of politics and programming

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Started: 1996
Founder: Nikolai Bezroukov

Main focus: Computer science, Open source, Neoliberalism, MICC, Deep state, Integrity Initiative

Softpanorama "is one of those vast, practical resources with a fun side too",[1] a site containing "resources for university students and the independently minded IT folks interested in self-education."[2]

Own words

The site advocates "skepticism as an approach to study of both technical and social phenomena. The latter is generally about questioning any preconceived attitudes, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, and critical examination of claims that are taken for granted in MSM.

The site also strives to be a part of the "resistance movement" against the neoliberal trend toward atomizing workforces, squashing any human solidarity, converting humans into tradable goods on "labor market".

It tries to "eschew the conventionally favored obfuscations about IT (for example about "cloud computing" or IT outsourcing) and expose the theater of absurd which often both academic and, especially, corporate IT represents." Replacement of classic university educational model with neoliberal model in the US universities has resulted in a very narrowly educated professionals who not only do not know, but also do not want to know anything about the society and politics.

The Reddit community has been banned for "violating Reddit’s rule against promoting hate."[3]

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