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Founder• James North
• Anthony Fisher
Type• think tank
• research
Sponsored byKoch family foundations

Pacific Research Institute(PRI)'s mission is a free-market think tank whose roots lie in the formation of the Institute of Economics Affairs in London. In 1979, Anthony Fisher, the founder of IEA teamed with San Francisco businessman James North to establish the Pacific Research Institute[1]. At least one of the staff is ex-IEA. According to Rachel Maddow the PRI is 'a famous pro-tobacco ostensibly grassroots corporate front group that was funded by Philip Morris'.[1]


The Institute has received some $4,676,800 in 88 grants since 1985, from the following 10 foundations[2]:

It has received funding from Philip Morris. In 1998, a memo from Philip Morris’ Roy Marden was exploring “allies” for their Youth Smoking Programme (YSP). He wrote “I am vice chairman of this SF policy group. They have recently begun an effort on child development/reduction of welfare dependency/etc., & I could explore with them if/where YSP could be involved. We are long-time donors"[3].



  • Sonia Arrison - Director, Technology Studies - a regular columnist for Tech Central

Board of Trustees

PRI Fellows

Terry Anderson, Ph.D. - Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, PERC and Montana State University.


Koch family foundationsControlled by the billionaire Koch brothers, who finance the 'right' in US politics when they say the right things.


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