Media Operations - Joint Doctrine Publication 3-45.1

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Publication dateSeptember 2007
SourceMinistry of Defence (Link)
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JDP 3-45.1 ‘Media Operations’ is set at the Joint Tactics Techniques and Procedures (JTTPs) level and is aimed at those responsible for Media Operations (Media Ops), specifically the Commander, Media Adviser, the Media Spokesman and the Media Ops staff. This publication is promulgated in advance of ‘Joint Influence’ doctrine, which remains under development, and supersedes JWP 3-45 ‘Media Operations’. It will be useful to MOD media officials,Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) and Front Line Commands (FLCs) Media Ops, and down through the component Media Ops staffs to units although, the document holds relevance for all Service personnel who might encounter the media in the course of their duties on operations. It is the key document in the delivery of Media Ops doctrine in the joint environment and explains the Ends, Ways and Means of Media Ops. JDP 3-45.1 should be in read in conjunction with JWP 3-80 ‘Information Operations’ and ‘The MOD Green Book’.[1]


The document was available from from the Ministry of Defence website in 2009[2], but by 2016 was no longer available.


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