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Member ofFoundation for Defense of Democracies

From a Henry Jackson Society event profile[1]:

Ambassador Ginsberg is FOX News's Senior Global Affairs Analyst - one of America's most recognisable and respected analysts of frontline "business diplomacy". He brings an invaluable combination of experience and qualifications to his analysis of developments in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. He has worked as global investment banker, international lawyer, media commentator, television producer, and served as decorated senior U.S. diplomat. Bridging the partisan divide, he offers a "fair and balanced" perspective on global trouble spots, and their impact on American policy and the corporate world.
Ambassador Ginsberg was appointed by President Clinton as the first U.S. Ambassador of Jewish heritage to a Middle Eastern nation. Having spent his formative years in Israel and the Arab world, Ginsberg is an expert on the politics and economics of this volatile region. He is currently the Senior Vice President for APCO Worldwide, America's third largest independent global public affairs and strategic communications company.



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