Kari Kairamo

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Born 31 December 1932
Helsinki, Finland
Died 11 December 1988 (Age 55)
Espoo, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Victim of premature death
A Finnish businessman who reportedly hung himself, something his company, Nokia initially lied about.

Employment.png Nokia/CEO

In office
1977 - 11 December 1988
Reportedly killed himself

Employment.png Nokia/Chairman

In office
1986 - 1988
Preceded by Mika Tiivola
Succeeded by Simo Vuorilehto

Kari Kairamo was a Finnish businessman who died aged 55, reportedly by his own hand.


Kari Kairamo reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in his home on 11 December 1988 due to bipolar disorder.

Nokia initially[When?] issued a statement that he had died of a sudden illness. However Nokia later issued a brief statement insisting that his "death was unconnected with Nokia's business". He was later determined to have committed suicide.[1][2] The International Business Times reported in 2011 that he shot himself.[3]