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Bad Eilsen, Lower Saxony, West Germany

Jim Dowd is Labour MP for Lewisham West in 2007. Dowd was listed as a 'parliamentary patron' to TOAST.[1] In response to a letter of enquiry Dowd stated that as far as he was aware he had not been approached to be a patron and while he had met with representatives of TOAST, he did not act in any advisory or 'patron' capacity.[2]

In a later email Dowd wrote:

Further to our telephone conversation I can confirm that I have no recollection of ever being asked, or agreeing to serve as a Patron of TOAST. In any event, apart from attending one or more of their occasional receptions at the Commons, I cannot recall any other direct contact with them - except for the appearance of one of their members as a witness before the Health Select Committee. I was also unaware of the source of any their of funding as, so far as I can understand it, were the other members of the committee who took part in the enquiry into obesity, to whom I have spoken.[3]


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