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Jane Moonman was the name used by Jane Biran when she was married to Eric Moonman.

It was probably at BIM that Moonman met his first wife Jane. She worked with Moonman at the British Institute of Management where she was research and information officer. Like Eric Moonman she later became involved in Zionist organisations. She edited the 1980 edition of The Zionist Yearbook, published by the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland and was affiliated with the British-Israel Public Affairs Committee (BIPAC) from at least November 1986,[1] and is reported to have been its Director in 1990.[2]

She divorced Moonman in the early 1990s and married Israel’s former ambassador to the UK Yoav Biran. She moved with her new husband to Jerusalem and was appointed as the Jerusalem Foundation's liaison with Britain.[3]


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