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Employment.png Greece/Minister/Environment Energy and Climate Change 
(Minister of Environment,  Minister of Energy,  Minister of Climate Change)

Start7 October 2009
Implementing CO2 reduction targets set by the supranational deep state.

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy is a government department of Greece responsible for environmental and energy policy. It was created on 7 October 2009 as the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change to succeed the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works.


In 2021, Greece introduced a new climate law which set quantitative targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 55 percent in 2030 compared to 1990, and by 80 percent in 2040, aiming for climate neutrality in 2050, the EU target.

It establishes a higher ratio of the use of Renewable Energy Sources, for a target of up to 70% of final energy consumption by 2030. As of 2025, all buildings in high-erosion or high-risk areas must be insured by law, otherwise, they will not be provided with electricity.[1]


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