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Membership• Marc S. Ellenbogen
• Juergen Chrobog
• Jochen Wittmann
• Markus H. Hermann
• Jens Geitmann
• Klaus Peter Klaiber
• Vera Lieberwirth
• Jens Hald-Madsen
• Katja Tobiasz
• Ingrid Rexrodt
• Günter Rexrodt
• Markus Meckel
• Doris Barnett
• Donald C. McKinno
• Philip Ruddock
• Stewart Young
• Daniel Street
• Winston Cochrane
• Bonnie Faulkner (Australia)
• John Faulkner
• Warren Reed
• Arthur Sinodinos
• Ezekiel Solomon
• Peter Walls
• Peter von Fritz
• Barbara J. McDougall
• Yossef Bodansky
• Oskars Kastēns
• Robert G. Seasonwein
• Dieter Stöckmann
• Martin Walker


Known members

10 of the 31 of the members already have pages here:

Yossef Bodansky
Jürgen ChrobogGerman Ambassador to the United States from 1995 to 2001 and State Secretary from 2001-2005. Trilateral Commission. Global Panel Foundation.
Marc EllenbogenPatron of the very intelligence-connected Henry Jackson Society and Chairman of the Global Panel Foundation
Barbara McDougallCanadian member of CFR's Global Board of Advisors, attended he 1993 Bilderberg as Canada/Secretary of State for External Affairs. Atlantic Storm participant
Warren ReedAuthor and former officer with the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the Board of Directors of the international intelligence network Global Panel Foundation.
Günter RexrodtGerman Minister of Economics 1993-98.
Philip RuddockSpooky Australian Attorney General.
Arthur SinodinosOne of the most powerful people in the country as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister John Howard;
Zeke SolomonAustralian corporate resource development advisor and member of the spooky Global Panel Foundation.
Daniel StreetAustralian consultant for the World Bank, having previously worked as a political correspondent and as advisor to Kevin Rudd.
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