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FormationSeptember 2013
HeadquartersGeneva, Switzerland
Interestsorganized crime
Membership• Sarah F. Cliffe
• Rodrigo Avila
• Gwen Boniface
• Solange Ghernaouti
• Misha Glenny
• Marc Hofstetter
• Kristin Kvigne
• Nick Lewis
• Moisés Naím
• Mary Jane C. Ortega
• Mark Shaw
• Tuesday Reitano
• Johanna Borstner
• Axel Chaptal
• Monique De Graaff
• Claudio Landi
• Mark Ronan
• Peter Gastrow
• Maria Anjos Sapina
• Jean-Paul Laborde
• Odd Berne Malme
• John M. Sellar
• Ugljesa Zvekic
• Laura Adal
• Lucia Bird Ruiz-Benitez de Lugo
• Ana Castro
• Jason Eligh
• Siria Gastelum Felix
• Simone Haysom
• Rupert Horsley
• Marcena Hunter
• Nina Kaysser
• Prem Mahadevan
• Fatjona Mejdini
• Mark Micallef
• Ian Tennant
• Guillermo Vazquez
• Livia Wagner
• Summer Walker
• Robin Cartwright
• David Danelo
• Matt Herbert
• Annette Hübschle
• Walter Kemp
• Karl Lallerstedt
• Arezo Malakooti
• Hilary Matfess
• Samantha McCormack
• Julian Rademeyer
• Kristina Amerhauser
• Alexandre Bish
• Chiara Fall
• Jessica Gerken
• Thi Hoang
• Theresa Hume
• Mariana Mora Gomez
• Julia Stanyard
• Lyes Tagziria
• Kim Thomas
• Ruggero Scaturro
• Olga Biegus
• Maria Polner
• Celina Realuyo
• Rob McCusker

The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime is a Geneva-based group set up in 2013.

Own words

The Global Initiative was born from a series of high-level, off the record discussions between mainly (though not exclusively) law enforcement officials from both developed and developing countries, hosted by the International Peace Institute in New York in 2011-12. At these meetings, the founding members of the Global Initiative, many of whom stand at the front line of the fight against organized crime, illicit trafficking and trade, concluded that the problem and its impacts are not well analyzed; they are not systematically integrated into national plans or strategies; existing multilateral tools are not structured to facilitate a response and existing forms of cooperation tend to be bilateral, slow and restricted to a limited number of like-minded states.

The result was a decision to create a new initiative: the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, which would seek to provide a platform to promote greater debate and innovative approaches as the building blocks to an inclusive global strategy against organized crime.

Launched formally in New York in September 2013, the Global Initiative is now registered as an international civil society organisation, has offices in Geneva, Vienna, Cape Town, Malta, a core Secretariat and a high-level advisory board.[1]


Employees on Wikispooks

Jean-Paul LabordeSenior Advisor
Moisés NaímBoard member


Known members

4 of the 64 of the members already have pages here:

Jean-Paul LabordeFrench judge and "terror expert". Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate for 4 years
Rob McCuskerAcademic interested in corruption and trans-national crime. Senior fellow within the Governance and Integrity Group of the Institute for Statecraft.
Moisés NaímOne of only a handful of Bilderbergers from outside Europe and North America.
Celina RealuyoGoldman Sachs, "counterterrorist", national security
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