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Membership• Mohammed Adel
• Fergus Bell
• Ed Bice
• Pete Brown
• Malachy Browne
• Kim Bui
• Andy Carvin
• Matt Cooke
• Nic Dias
• Sam Dubberley
• Steve Grove
• Eliot Higgins
• Mandy Jenkins
• Aine Kerr
• Mark Little (Journalist)
• Olivia Ma
• An Xiao Mina
• Alastair Reid
• Craig Silverman
• Josh Stearns
• Eoghan Sweeney
• Aric Toler
• Tom Trewinnard
• Daniel Bramatti
• Liz Carolan
• Phil Chetwynd
• Sam Gregory
• Sameer Padania
• Chris Perry
• Adam Rendle
• Vivian Schiller
• Dan Shefet

First Draft/Board and members (not complete)[1]


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First Draft/Board and members


Known members

5 of the 32 of the members already have pages here:

Andy Carvin
Eliot HigginsSelf-taught founder of Bellingcat.
Mark Little (Journalist)"I've started to see the spread of misinformation as a global health crisis. Misinformation is that serious a threat to our society."
Vivian SchillerCorporate journalist with ties to the deep state
Craig SilvermanCanadian journalist and "fake news" specialist
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