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Group.png eSurv
Esurv screen.png
A control panel for an eSurv video surveillance system developed eSurv, based in Catanzaro, in Calabria, Italy. This shared a favicon with the Exodus command and control server.
An Italian developer of surveillance systems. Identified by Security Without Borders as the author of the state-sponsored spyware, Exodus.

eSurv is a Italian software company. Their public business is video surveillance. They also developed the Exodus spyware to order for the Italian police. After an internet expose of one of their products in March 2019, Exodus, they were raided by the Italian police on suspicion of illegal wiretapping.[1]


"eSurv won an Italian government State Police tender for the development of a “passive and active interception system,” according to a document published online in compliance with the Italian government spending transparency law. The document reveals that eSurv received a payment of € 307,439.90 on November 6, 2017."[2]


A chain of evidence tied Exodus to eSurv, from the favicon used to strings in the decompiled software to the addresses of its command and control servers.[2]


On 1 April 2019, the Italian police raided the company on suspicion of illegal wiretapping, and announced that they were seeking 4 men, including Giuseppe Fasano, the company director. This happened a few days after a high profile article detailed the illegality of the Exodus spyware, although prosecutors in Naples had reportedly opened an inquiry into eSurv and its activities "well before".[1]