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"Big Con enforce the guidelines of Big Tech and punish conservatives on their behalf"

Conservative Inc. (also abbreviated as "Con Inc.") is a pejorative term used to describe the mindset of unprincipled people who view the conservative movement as a way to make money, rather than help others. Conservative Inc. is loose coalition of self-interested RINOs/neoconservatives, token conservatives, Establishment Republicans, consultants, organizations, PACs, etc., who try to claim leadership of the conservative movement while enriching or otherwise benefiting themselves. Members of Conservative Inc. market themselves as authentically conservative to the public (usually during election years), yet hold widely liberal positions, and hinder true conservatism. The billionaire, mega-donor financiers of Conservative Inc. (such as the Koch Brothers and George Soros) monopolize the movement without disclosing their agenda, which includes open borders and globalism. They also consistently fail to defend movement conservatives in the face of left-wing attacks

2016 election

January 2022

In January 2022, the concept aroused mainstream exposure.[1] Steven Crowder Blaze TV The Daily Wire

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