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(taxi driver, policeman, JFK/Assassination/Premature death)
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Died10 January, 1969 (Age 39)
Cause of death
gunshot to the head
Victim ofassassination
A JFK assassination related death

Buddy Walthers was a member of the Dallas police who was shot dead on 10 January, 1969.


In June, 1968, Walthers reported a bombing outside his home in Oak Cliff. It has been suggested that this was an attempt to warn him off talking to investigators such as Jim Garrison about what he knew about the JFK assassination[By whom?]. The Shaw trial was due to take place in February, 1969.


John Simkin wrote that "On 10th January, 1969, Bill Decker sent Walthers and Alvin Maddox to a motel to question Walter Cherry, an escaped convict and a man suspected of a double murder. When the two detectives entered the room Buddy Walthers was shot dead by Cherry".[1]

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