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(computer security analyst)
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BornDecember 3, 1969
Founder ofBelow Gotham Labs
US computer security analyst.

Bill Blunden is a US computer security analyst.


Blunden has worked with ERP middleware, developed code for network security appliances, and taken various detours through academia. His current areas of research touch on anti-forensics and institutional analysis.[1]


Blunden has written a number of IT books including Cube Farm, Software Exorcism, Offshoring IT and The Rootkit Arsenal. In the domain of the social sciences, he has co-authored articles related to 9/11 that have appeared in academic publications such as Peace and Conflict:Journal of Peace Psychology and Aggressive Behavior.

In light of all this covert and overt subversion, asking if a product is secure is posing the wrong question. The appropriate question is this: Which faction of clandestine agencies have access? Early on, Silicon Valley grasped that the Snowden affair was a public relations matter: a narrative that they could hijack to sell new tech. Never mind that the stuff they’re selling tends to spy on us. It goes without saying that assurances will be offered: promises that the new and improved tech is more secure," and that they’ve turned over a new leaf. They’ve learned their lesson. They’re all about privacy now — just make sure to read the fine print.[2]

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File:Manufactured consent and cyberwar.pdfConference ProceedingsJune 2010"Cyberwarfare"
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