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Employment.png Attorney General of Ireland 
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Start31 January 1922
Chief law officer of Ireland, who advises the government on the constitutionality of bills and treaties.

The Attorney General of Ireland is the constitutional officer who is the legal adviser to the Government and is therefore the chief law officer of Ireland.


The attorney general advises the government on the constitutionality of bills and treaties, and presents the government's case if the President refers any bill to the Supreme Court under Article 26 of the Constitution before signing it.[1]

The Attorney Generals have a strong Bilderberg habit. AG Peter Sutherland was a deep politician who held a number of key posts during his career, including member of the Bilderberg/Steering committee and honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Séamus Woulfe14 June 2017
Paul Gallagher14 June 20079 March 2011
Michael McDowell17 July 19996 June 2002
David Byrne26 June 199717 July 1999
Dermot Gleeson15 December 199426 June 1997
Peter Sutherland15 December 198212 December 1984
Peter Sutherland30 June 19819 March 1982
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