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  • User:Robin  + (For anyone in doubt of the arbitrary naturFor anyone in doubt of the arbitrary nature of the "justice" served out - or not served out - by the [[FBI]], the plot to use snipers to assassinate the leaders of the Dallas occupy movement is revealing. The FBI were aware of (and possibly involved in) this, but [[corporate media]] was as uninterested as the [[US "Justice" Department]].[[US "Justice" Department]].)
  • Document:Venezuela critics are just Blairites having a kick at Jeremy Corbyn  + (For nineteen years the [[United States]] government and its secret agents have been trying to overthrow the [[Venezuela]] political process. Why might that be? Well, there are many reasons but the biggest among them has the smallest name: ''OIL''.)
  • Conjuring Hitler  + (For the average UK/USA citizen schooled anFor the average UK/USA citizen schooled and brought up on a diet of a plucky little Island Nation battling against the odds and joined by its US ally just in time to defeat the Evil Empire, it makes very uncomfortable reading indeed. Most will close their minds to its meticulously researched, documented and footnoted contents.arched, documented and footnoted contents.)
  • Robert Horton  + (Forced out)
  • Reinhard Gehlen  + (Forced out)
  • Guy Liddell  + (Forced to take early retirement due to suspicion he was a Russian spy.)
  • Guy Liddell  + (Forced to take early retirement due to suspicion he was a Russian spy.)
  • Gerald Ford  + (Ford was a relatively junior cabal member installed as vice president after the removal of Spiro Agnew so that he could exercise cabal control of the presidency after Watergate.)
  • Document:State Failure - the Conservative Government, Westminster and Britain  + (Foreign Affairs Committee report says ex-PM [[David Cameron]] was responsible for appalling policy blunders in [[Libya]] that helped create a failed state on the verge of civil war. His (synchronised) resignation is all about appearances.)
  • Document:Canada sanctions 40 Venezuelans with links to political, economic crisis  + (Foreign Minister [[Chrystia Freeland]]Foreign Minister [[Chrystia Freeland]], MP for the Toronto district of University-Rosedale, said: "I have some [[Venezuela]]n [[Canadian]]s living in my constituency and they have been really vocal … and have said our family, our friends, they need help and they're counting on [[Canada]] to speak up."Canada]] to speak up.")
  • Document:“Former Russian Spy Sergei Skripal May Have Been Poisoned by BZ Nerve Agent”  + (Foreign Minister [[Sergei Lavrov]]: “Former Russian Spy [[Sergei Skripal]] May Have Been Poisoned by [[BZ|BZ Nerve Agent]]”)
  • File:Srebrenica massacre.pdf  + (Forensic examination of the event that has come to be known as "The Srebrenica Massacre" in the western mainstrean narrative of the break-up of the former Yugoslavia)
  • Transportation Security Administration  + (Formed just after 9-11, this agencies condFormed just after 9-11, this agencies conditions the citizenry to undergoing invasive control measures, best understood as "security theatre". They required that travellers only use a locks which can be opened by a master key - of which they posted images. master key - of which they posted images.)
  • Oliver McTernan  + (Former)
  • Alexander Nix  + (Former CEO of [[Cambridge Analytica]] who was exposed by [[Channel 4]]'s publication of a clandestine recording of him)
  • Peter Oborne  + (Former ''Telegraph'' journalist who went independent)
  • Louis Pienaar  + (Former Administrator-General of Namibia)
  • Friedrich König  + (Former Austrian politician and attendee of Le Cercle.)
  • August Hanning  + (Former BND chief)
  • Gerhard Wessel  + (Former BND chief)
  • Eberhard Blum  + (Former BND chief)
  • Konrad Porzner  + (Former BND chief)
  • Ernst Uhrlau  + (Former BND chief)
  • Hansjörg Geiger  + (Former BND chief)
  • Hans-Georg Wieck  + (Former BND chief)
  • Heribert Hellenbroich  + (Former BND chief)
  • Kevin Shipp  + (Former CIA operative who has spoken out about the [[US deep state]].)
  • John Ashe  + (Former Chairman of the UN GA who died a conveniently timed and unusual death before he was due to testify in court.)
  • Document:Huawei Hypocrisy  + (Former Deputy PM [[Nick Clegg]] said [[GCHQ]]'s ability "to hack anything from handsets to whole networks … needs to be much better understood".)
  • Belgium  + (Former European colonial power)
  • Document:There is no military solution in North Korea  + (Former Foreign Office Minister [[Bill Rammell]] says the [[United States]] needs to bring the international community together more effectively over [[North Korea]])
  • Document:Andreas von Buelow - Interview  + (Former German Cabinet Minister Attacks Official Brainwashing On 9-11. Instead of Bin Laden, he suggests that Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samuel Huntington were more likely involved.)
  • Neels van Tonder  + (Former Head of [[South African Defence Force]] Military Intelligence)
  • Tariq Aziz  + (Former Iraqi foreugn minister and deputy prime minister under President Saddam Hussein)
  • Tam Dalyell  + (Former Labour MP who posed the "West Lothian Question")
  • Deir Yassin  + (Former Palestinian village which was destroyed following the massacre of its inhabitants by Jewish Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists, led by Israeli prime minister to be, Menachem Begin, on 9 April 1948)
  • Jim Murphy  + (Former Scottish Labour Party leader)
  • Pentti Väänänen  + (Former Secretary-General of the [[Socialist International]] (1983-1989))
  • Mexico  + (Former Spanish colony)
  • Kenya  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Malawi  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Tanzania  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Uganda  + (Former UK colony in East Africa)
  • Richard Evans  + (Former [[BAE/Chair |chairman]] of [[BAE]].=)
  • Document:Destroying Syria  + (Former [[CIA]]Former [[CIA]] officer [[Philip Giraldi]] says the [[United States]] has zero evidence on the [[Syria]]n conflict. Someone should remind the [[Donald Trump|President]] that similar scenarios did not turn out very well in [[Afghanistan]], [[Iraq]] and [[Libya]].[[Libya]].)
  • Ahmet Ünal Ceviköz  + (Former [[Turkish ambassador to the UK]]. He attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.)
  • Thomas Bossert  + (Former [[US/Homeland Security Advisor]])
  • Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo  + (Former acting Secretary General of NATO.)
  • Mark Lowenthal  + (Former as of July 10, 2014.)
  • Graham E. Fuller  + (Former as of March 21, 2016. His daughter married the uncle of a Boston Bombing suspect.)