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WikiSpooks is a collaborative project aimed at building a comprehensive reference source of deep political structures and events, together with the people and organisations connected to them. In company with 'Wikipedia' and other wiki-based projects, knowledgeable involvement with the site by way of article/document submission and editing is invited from registered users. Site rationale here. Registered user undertakings here. Register an account here.

Help-s.png   Getting started
  • Have a look at the pages linked from the "Community Portal" menu option on the left for in-depth information on what the project is all about.
  • Our General help pages should get you started. They explain the basics of editing, authoring and uploading.
  • You don't need technical computer skills to contribute here, just a basic understanding of what is meant by "Deep Politics" together with reasonable language skills and good will towards the project itself.
User-s.png   Anonymous uploading

WikiSpooks welcomes anonymous uploads of documents and other media' especially relating to information which those in "Authority" - whether they be Government Departments or Agencies of the State, Corporations, Organisations or wealthy/powerful individuals - would prefer remained hidden.

Contacts-s.png  Site registration

Full browsing, searching and downloading is available to anyone. However, current WikiSpooks policy requires that, before article contribution or editing is possible, you must be registered and logged into the site. You can register here, or at the "Log in/create account" link in the upper right corner of the page. Your user name will be attached to all your articles and edits.

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