Larry J. Sabato

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Person.png Larry J. Sabato   WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(Academic, Director of the, University of Virginia Center for Politics)
BornLarry Joseph Sabato
Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.


A Quote by Larry J. Sabato

"Iran-Contra"“One of the most complicated and intrigue-filled scandals in recent decades, the Iran-contra affair dominated the news for many months. It consisted of three interconnected parts: The Reagan administration sold arms to Iran, a country desperate for materiel during its lengthy war with Iraq; in exchange for the arms, Iran was to use its influence to help gain the release of Americans held hostage in Lebanon; and the arms were purchased at high prices, with the excess profits diverted to fund the Reagan-favored "contras" fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.”1998The Washington Post


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