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(deep state operative?)
NationalityUS, Iranian?
Iranian-American protégé of Paul Wolfowitz

Ladan Archin, an Iranian-American protégé of Paul Wolfowitz [1] from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and veteran of the discredited Office of Special Plans which manufactured the propaganda for the Iraq war, is part of the Iranian Directorate, a unit set up at the Pentagon to bring about regime change in Iran. She is the Country Director in the Near East and South Asia Department of the Department of Defense [2] responsible for Iran. She also served a brief stint in the Office of the Vice President.

She previously served with the International Financial Corporation of the World Bank. [3]

Target Iran

According to the McClatchy Newspapers, Archin coauthored a paper for the Iranian Directorate that urged the Bush administration to take a more confrontational stance towards Iran. She also made an attempt with David Denehy, head of the Office of Iranian Affairs, to start commercial satellite TV broadcasts into Iran run by members of California's large Iranian-American, mostly monarchist, community. [4] Previously she worked closely with Larry Franklin the neocon Iran analyst convicted on charges of spying for Israel. [5]



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