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Membership• Antony Blinken
• Athelia Knight
• Christopher M. Schroeder
• Dayna L. Cunningham
• Thomas Kamm
• Joshua L. Steiner
• Juan Sepúlveda
• Kenneth I. Juster
• Michael Oreskes
• Roderick K. von Lipsey
• Robert Zoellick
• Robert M. Rubin
• Robert C. Treuhold
• Aquilino Morelle
• Bruno Le Roux
• Sylvie Kauffmann
• Sylvain Hefes
• Henri de Castries
• Jean-Noël Tronc
• Laurent Cohen-Tanugi
• Marisol Touraine
• Michel Combes
• Nicolas Bazire
• Patricia Barbizet
The French-American Foundation selected Young Leaders for 1998


Known members

3 of the 24 of the members already have pages here:

Patricia BarbizetProminent figure in the French business world
Henri de Castries"French President of Bilderberg"
Robert ZoellickWorld Bank president, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Multiple deep state connections
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