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Long suppressed and ignored German defense evidence from the post-WWII Nuremberg trials. A very useful work of reference for those researching Victors' Justice in general and the Nuremberg Tribunals in particular

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png book  by Carlos Porter dated 1996
Subjects: Nuremberg Trials, WWII
Source: Aaargh archive (Link)

English Final revision 6 March 1996

All references revised in English and German.
Dual language references: German pages numbers are in <<brackets>>.

Wikispooks Comment

The most commonly cited reference from the Post-WWII Nuremberg military tribunals [1] is to a statement by US Chief Prosecutor Robert H Jackson on one of the subsequently UN-adopted tribunal definitions of War of Aggression:

"To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole" [2]

That is undoubtedly profoundly true but its current citation popularity (arguing for war-crimes trials for Tony Blair and George W Bush for example) has the unfortunate side-effect of lendng the Nuremberg Trials themselves a legitimacy that they most-assuredly do not deserve. There is little doubt that, had the German defendants' counterparts among the Allies been subject to the same standards of procedure, evidence and retrospective law-making, both the verdicts and sentences would have been substantially the same.

The uncomfortable truth is that the Nuremberg Trials were a travesty - victors' justice on the grand scale. This book is eloquent confirmation of that judgement and a useful reference on the long ignored and/or suppressed German defense evidence and documentation.


  1. Nuremberg Trials - Wikipedia page
  2. Nuremberg principles - Wikipedia page

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Not Guilty at Nuremberg


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Criminal organizations
Karl Dönitz
Hans Frank
Wilhelm Frick
Hans Fritzche
Walter Funk
Kurt Gerstein
G M Gilbert
Hermann Göring
Rudolph Hess
Rudolph Höss
Japanese war crimes trials
Alfred Jodl
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Wilhem Keitel
Constantin von Neurtath
Franz von Papen
Erich Raeder
Joachim von Ribbentrop
Alfred Rosenberg and Ernst Sauckel
Hjarmar Schacht
Baldur von Schirach
Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Albert Speer
Julius Streicher


Dedicated to Barbara Kulaszka and Dan Gannon

The re-writing of history is as old as history itself.

The Annals of Tacitus, for example, (xv 38), mentions a "rumor" that Nero burned Rome; this "rumor" was repeated by later Roman historians as "fact" (Suetonius, Nero, 38; Dio Cassius, Epistulae, lxii 16; Pliny, Naturalis Historia xvii 5). Later writers called this "fact" into question, and demoted the "fact" to mere "rumor".

In 1946, it was a "proven fact" that Nazis made human soap (Judgment, Nuremberg Trial, IMT I 252 <<283>>; VII 597-600 <<656-659>>; XIX 506 <<566-567>>; XXII 496 <<564>>).

This "fact" has since become, apparently, merely "rumor" (Hilberg, "revised definitive" Destruction of the European Jews , Holmes and Meier, NY, page 966: "To this day, the origin of the soap making rumor has not been traced"). The forensically untested "rumor" of Soviet origin (Exhibit USSR 393) is in the Peace Palace of The Hague. Peace Palace officials show it to eager visitors and tell them it is authentic; but do not, apparently, answer letters from persons asking to have it tested.

In 1943, it was a "rumor" that Nazis were steaming, frying, parboiling, electrocuting, vacuuming and gassing Jews (see, for example, The Black Book: The Nazi Crime Against the Jewish People, pp. 270, 274, 280, 313, introduced as "evidence" before the Nuremberg Commission); by 1946, the "gassings" had become "fact", while the steamings, fryings, parboilings, electrocutions and vacuumings remained mere "rumor". (Note: the "steamings" were "proven" in the Pohl Trial, Fourth Nuremberg Trial, NMT IV, 1119-1152).

The "evidence" that Nazis "gassed" Jews is qualitatively no better than the "evidence" that they steamed, fried, parboiled, electrocuted, or vacuumed them; it appears legitimate to call this "evidence" into question.

This book contains, not a re-writing of history, but a simple guide to historical material which has been forgotten. The 312,022 notarized defense affidavits presented at the First Nuremberg Trial have been forgotten, while the 8 or 9 prosecution affidavits which "rebutted" them are remembered (XXI 437 <<483>>).

This book contains a great many references to page numbers. They are not there to confuse, impress, or intimidate the reader, or to prove the truth of the matter stated, but to help interested people find things.

Whether the statements of the defense are more credible than the human soap (Document 397), human hair socks (Document USSR-511), and cannibal hamburgers (Exhibit 1873, Tokyo Trial) of the war crimes prosecutors, is for the reader to decide.

Note: IMT = 1st Nuremberg Trial, in 4 languages; NMT = 12 later Nuremberg Trials, in English.

In the absence of any indication to the contrary, all page numbers refer to the American edition, with the German page numbers in <<brackets>>.

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