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The website of Professor Brian Martin, dealing with attacks on dissenting views and individuals. "Suppression of dissent" here includes whistleblowing, free speech, systems of social control and related topics. The purpose of the site is to foster examination of these issues and foster action against suppression, on the assumption that openness and dialogue can help challenge unaccountable power.

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Founder: Brian Martin

Founder/Owner: Brian Martin


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Document:Whistleblowers - Risks and skillsbook chapterWhistleblower
Ethics codes
2007Brian MartinA sound set of advice for would be whistleblowers, and a strong discouragement from trusting the official channels. As a whistleblower, you need to be aware that a wide set of options is available, and your success in blowing the whistle will depend only in part upon the injustice you expose. Another crucial aspect is your skill set and support network. This essay provides sound advice from an establishment-sceptic researcher who has reviewed a lot of whistleblowing cases.