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The office has been restored following a 2019 constitutional referendum.

The Vice-President of the Arab Republic of Egypt is a senior official within the Egyptian government. The position has often been abolished, for then to be recreated. Two VPs have become presidents, Anwar Sadat, who succeeded Gamal Abdel Nasser as president after the latter's death in October 1970; and Hosni Mubarak, who took over after Sadat was assassinated in 1981. To what degree it was destiny or human machinations that put them in these positions at the right time, is worth speculating on.

Mohamed ElBaradei, who became VP in 2013, was involved in the coup d'état that toppled democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi, but he resigned after six months, following several massacres.

History of the office

Before 1971

In 1962, President Gamal Abdel Nasser instituted collective leadership in Egypt, separating the post of Prime Minister from that of President and establishing a presidential council to deal with all issues formerly considered presidential prerogatives. Five of the council's 11 members were Vice-Presidents of Egypt.

Under the 1971 Constitution

According to article 139 of the 1971 Constitution, the President "may appoint one or more Vice-Presidents define their jurisdiction and relieve them of their posts. The rules relating to the calling to account of the President of the Republic shall be applicable to the Vice-Presidents." The Constitution gave broad authority to the President to determine the number of Vice-Presidents, as well as their appointment, dismissal and duties of office.

After the 2011 amendments, the president should appointed a vice president 60 days after his inauguration.

Under the 2012 Constitution

The 2012 Constitution does not include the position of Vice-President.[1]

With the adoption of the 2012 Constitution on 26 December 2012, the office of Vice-President was abolished. Mahmoud Mekki was the last person to hold the office before the adoption of the 2012 Constitution, having resigned on 22 December 2012.

2013 coup d'état

After the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état, the position of the Vice-President was briefly restored (with extra-constitutional basic) by Acting President Adly Mansour, who appointed Mohamed ElBaradei to the post of Acting Vice-President on 7 July 2013.[2][3] He was sworn in on 14 July.[4] On 14 August 2013, following a violent crackdown by security forces on supporters of deposed President Morsi, in which more than 800 people were killed,[5] ElBaradei resigned as Acting Vice President.[6]

Under the 2014 Constitution

Much like the 2012 Constitution, until 2019, the 2014 Constitution also did not include the position of Vice-President.

The office has since been restored following a 2019 constitutional referendum.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Hosni Mubarak16 April 197514 October 1981
Anwar Sadat19 December 196914 October 1970
Anwar Sadat17 February 196426 March 1964
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