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Questions from Patrick Haseldine

Hi John, Your co-authored "Cover-Up of Convenience"’s 'Index' runs to 14 pages but the name of the highest profile Lockerbie victim Bernt Carlsson is nowhere to be found. Which turns out to be a very revealing omission since the 'Acknowledgments' page states:

"A multitude of people warrant acknowledgment, far too many, in fact, to list here. The relatives of the Lockerbie victims deserve particular thanks, chief among them Martin and Rita Cadman, Pam Dix, John and Lisa Mosey, Sanya Popovic and Jim and Jane Swire."
"Fellow journalists gave generous help, including Jan-Olof Bengtsson, Ronen Bergman, John Coates, John Cooley, Con Coughlin, Don Devereux, Rob Evans, Paul Foot, Drago Hedl, Bjorn Hygstedt, David Jessel, Shelley Jofre, David Johnston, Jürgen Krönig, Gunter Latsch, John Loftus, Neil Mackay, Joe Mifsud, David Milne, Mats-Eric Nilsson, Margaret Renn, Murdoch Rodgers, Frank Ryan, Kjetil Stormark, Phillip Wearne, Terry Wrong and David Yallop."
  • Could you please explain why in none of your books, articles or films do you mention the name of Bernt Carlsson?