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Both of my parents served in the U.S. Army--my father as a 'career-man'; and as a result of living in a fairly political house, I was privy to a good deal of discussion/debate surrounding domestic and worldly issues. I was born in Turkey, and after a year relocated to El Paso, Texas; subsequent moves included Denver and south New Jersey (non-military related). The family re-relocated to El Paso back in 1997, at around the time of a personal 'awakening to the world' on a more massive scale than I had previously encountered--I was still in my teens. Then one day, on September 11, 2001, the 'awakening' became rather surreal and painful, with permanent and irrepressible impact on my psyche and thinking. The 'official narrative' was immediately seen through, and--at no small discomfort to my peers and even family--I questioned and queried the matter with near obsessive fervor. In the summer of 2004, I began to write extemporaneously about the topic of "9/11" (a convenient meme).

I am not a scholar in any legitimate sense, but I do keep very much abreast of information pertaining to that particular subject matter, at all times possible; it was not an event of fleeting influence or importance, for the larger world or myself--my thinking literally changed in an instant, of seeing death televised live. I have no patience for the tripe and bullshit that is given us through popular media (if anything is at all given): as an example, I saw WTC 7 collapse that day while lying on a couch, in shock at the days earlier events; I vividly recall watching a program on the "History Channel", aired September 6th, regarding the needed renovations to the Pentagon (in all the years of research and talk regarding 9/11, I have not heard anyone address that confluence; I also remember this because my birthday is September 7th). There is so much more to say, but perhaps this is a good enough spot to begin curtailing my position.

As an avid listener to the "Unwelcome Guests" shows — especially episodes dealing with said event — I am personally grateful for the continued push of salient information pertaining to this spectacular lie, one that has totally reshaped the global landscape with ruthless, though albeit increasingly sloppy, efficiency. Thank you for your consideration of membership; and if not, you all will most certainly have my continued support. Stay awake!