Ukr SBU comms intercepts

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Date2014/07/17 01:00:00 AM - Present
DescriptionAlleged SSU, radio interception of conversations between "terrorists", "Boeing-777" plane crash (YouTube upload time approx)
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See - but here are some extracts that highlight some discrepancies:

17.07.2014 4:40pm: "We have just shot down a plane. That was 'Miner's' group. It fell down outside Enakievo"

(That would be Enakievo, Yenakijeve, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine - over 30km from where MH17 went down) 48.219, 38.216
- "Pilots. Where are the pilots?"
- "Set off to search for the shot down plane. A plume of smoke is visible."
- "How many minutes ago?"
- "about 30 minutes ago" (from 4:40pm)
ie: about 10-15 minutes before MH17 actually hit the ground.

The video then goes on to say:

"Having inspected the scene of the airplane crash, terrorist decided that they had shot down a civil aircraft."

4:33pm: ... "so that were those from Cherukinsk who shot down the plane. From Chernukhin checkpoint, cossacs that are nearby Chernukhino." (48.330, 38.487)

Enakievo and Chernukhino are about 45km away from where US satellite and other intel put the launcher (Snizhne) and that the time is now 7 minutes before they reported the shooting down and set off to look for the wreckage.

5:11pm and onwards: discussion of MH17

  • Shaun Walker of The Guardian - a journalist that actually got to speak with Igor Bezler - had the following to report on the subject:

"If the Ukrainian security services, the SBU, are to be believed, the Demon and a group of his men were responsible for shooting down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the region a fortnight ago. . .According to the recording of a phone call allegedly made two minutes before the disaster, the Demon was told: “A bird is flying towards you.” He asked whether it was small or big, and was told that it was hard to see, as it was flying high above the clouds. In another recording, apparently made 20 minutes later, the Demon reported to his interlocutor, supposedly a Russian intelligence official, that a plane had been shot down. Bezler said the recording was real, but referred to a different incident: as well as allegedly bringing down MH17, the rebels have shot down 10 Ukrainian aircraft. . . . We left hastily, and I never did get to ask the Demon about his alleged role in shooting down MH17." Shaun Walker in Gorlovka