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The Terror-Free Oil Initiative was a Coral Springs, Florida-based lobby group that saids it was

dedicated to encouraging Americans to buy fuel that originated from countries that do not export or finance terrorism. We promote those companies that acquire their fuel supply from nations outside the Middle East and expose those companies that do not. We educate the American public about the oil-terrorism connection and press those in power to take the necessary steps to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy.[1]

TFO's logo, in the words of a BBC report, "combines the twin towers, the Pentagon and the United 93 designation of the fourth 9/11 plane."[2]


In January 2007 the LA Times reported that Senator Barbara Boxer had rescinded an award her office gave to a Sacramento Islamic activist Basim Elkarra after criticism that the group he represents — the Council on American-Islamic Relations — holds extremist views and has ties to international terrorist organizations.[3]

The article cites Joe Kaufman, spokesman for the Terror-Free Oil Initiative and founder of CAIR Watch, as the origin of the criticism of Boxer's office that led Boxer to rescind the award:

The controversy started when Joe Kaufman, a Florida-based activist and longtime critic of the group, posted an online article attacking the award to Elkarra. Kaufman, who runs a website called CAIRwatch.com, has long contended that the council actively encourages and supports groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah — both of which are on the U.S. government's terrorism watch lists.
"We believe this organization should be shut down and that no elected leaders should have anything to do with them," Kaufman said.[4]



Joe Kaufman is also Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.[6]


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