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This template is used by Site Status. In that page, it displays an icon and text about system status..
When included from other pages, it displays a warning link to that page only in the case of UNSTABLE status.

{{Site status|TEXT|{{{1|}}}}}.

TEXT should be one of the following:

  • NORMAL   : Normal.png Site is working normally.
  • BUGS   : Bugs.png Site is stable but may appear slightly garbled due to ongoing maintenance.
  • SLOW   : Slow.png Site is stable but will be slow due to ongoing maintenance.
  • UNSTABLE : Unstable.png Maintenance is ongoing. Site unstable.
    Save your work offline regularly - i.e. a copy/paste into 'Notepad' or other text editor before saving it here since there is a possibility that changes may be lost.  See below for further information.