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This template provides a standard format for the descriptions of property pages.
It takes the following arguments:

|ON = Yes/No according to whether this is an Official Narrative Property
|display = Yes/No according to whether this is a Display Property
|description = a description of the subject resource (<500 characters of plaintext)
|status = {special, stable, experimental, mooted}
|rdfs = the RDF Export equivalent statement (Special properties only?)
|importFrom = to match this property to one from an imported vocabulary - Should still be assigned, but the parameter is currently disabled due to SMW incompatibility
|subPropertyOf = the parent property of this property (only applies to subproperties)
|domain = description of the domain of the property (which subjects it applies to)
|range = description of the range of the property (which values it can take)
|type = the property type
|note = further note, e.g. for concerns about/problems with this property


Status: [[:Category:{{{status}}} Properties|{{{status}}}]]

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Error: Unspecified domain parameter!
  • Predicate:  Property
  • Object:        Error: Unspecified range parameter! Error: Unspecified type parameter!

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