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This started as just displaying an icon at the top of help sections, but is evolving into a semantic template.
Currently this does 5 things:

  1. Makes an 100px icon on the right. The parameters is 'image' to chance to vary the icon from the default help icon.
  2. Sets Property:Has image and Property:Has image2
  3. Includes Template:Site Banner‎ so that template can display atop all Help Section pages.
  4. Sets Has objectClass2="WikispooksPage", for display of changes on the main page
  5. Calls Template:SMWDefaultMarkup to sef default SMW properties such as page size, name etc.


{{HelpSection}} or {{HelpSection|image=my_help_image.jpg}} or {{HelpSection|image=my_help_image.jpg|link=my_link_page}}