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Olesya Khodorkovskaya

Although not, as yet, known to be connected with The Institute of Modern Russia - from the Olesya Khodorkovskaya LinkeIn page she seems to be connected.

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  • Pavel Khodorkovskiy, President, The Institute of Modern Russia
  • Elena Eremina 
Director, Head of Corporate Finance Russia (Banking)
  • Katya Abramovich 
V.P Business Development and Marketing at Abramovich Holdings Inc. (presumably Roman's daughter?)
  • Connell McGill 
Co-Founder, CEO of Enertiv
  • Roman Abramovich 
Owner, EDDC
  • Mikhail Khodorkovskii 
(Pavel's dad}
  • Irina Usachova , Senior Vice-President at Rosbank, Societe General Group (Structured Finance, Coverage of Natural Resources and Related Industries)
  • Lidiya Dukhovich. 
Director, The Institute of Modern Russia
  • Felix Lipov (Greater New York City Area Computer Software) Who he?
  • Yahia Imam 
Lead Hardware Engineer at Enertiv

Any thoughts? Worth looking into?

Follow your own lights TD. The IMR is clearly just another oligarch-funded front for the orthodox western world view and agenda. There are dozens of them with many still active inside Russia and representing a seriously well-funded 5th column. In spite of recent massive popular recognition of their essentially subversive nature and the west as THE major threat to Russia - they could yet prevail over the Multi-polar Eurasian project. Anglo-US-NATO knows that only too well and will remain relentless in piling on the pressure IMHO. My only concern is that these organisations already have such massive resources and PR clout that the only place for mention of them on Wikispooks is to expose their real purpose. I personally prefer to try and avoid being distracted by their vast volumes of flack --Peter P (talk) 19:24, 10 September 2014 (IST)