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27 January 2018 edit

A search on the Kindle editions reveals just one use of the term 'the Cabal' in the first two books, both of with I have read. That reference is at location 1562 of 'Methodical Deception' and the context does not support its being synonymous with Mark Gorton's use of the term. I do not own the third book - having judged that the series is indeed not what it claims to be - and so do not know whether or not it is used there. As it stood, the reference implied that the author's intent was to divert attention from Mark Gorton's hypothesis and that the terms 'The Cabal' & 'Mossad' are somehow mutually exclusive. My reading of the books does not support those implications. In the absence of a supporting citation such suggestions are not justified. --Peter P (talk) 20:35, 27 January 2018 (GMT)