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The Soros situation has always been concerned around his activity in Central Europe, which is already an extremely contentious situation geopolitically. I never really see enough evidence to back up that he is CURRENTLY as active compared to other actors. He may have had a major role shaping affairs during the Cold War considering his Open Society Foundation was set up in 1979. He may also very well be the subject of the opposite end of an information war from parties who would like to see a less euro-friendly Central Europe.

Seems like he may have also been much more active within the deep state during the 1980s and 1990s since he has photos from the Cold War all over his site. Political philanthropy is like're either with it or you're not.

State run propaganda would be an important element to look at. The globalist element cannot be denied. He's probably just another brick in the wall who had his day in the sun, so to speak.