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This is to update from recent discussions and edits/removal (also on other pages): Far West is rather not A PMC ("The Wagner Group - Russia most successful PMC after Far West" [1]). It was a company that was used for different things by a Russian deep state group. The closest it gets to a PMC is what was published on '': "The agency specializes in consulting on security issues of doing business in unstable regions of the world and hiring personnel for foreign private military companies". JvR and before him Peter Dale Scott have used that name (Far West) to describe the group behind, since the real name is just not known and Far West was very active at the time. PDScott used to (in his 2005 article) term it meta-group .. so deep state group I guess. All information intake leads me to believe that it was a front used to sell weapons (90s Russia), and all kinds of other shady deals. The group behind it did more, assassinations, Estonia, etc. A PMC renders military service mainly to nations, to me it just does not seem to apply here, not their main focus, not having their own mercs anyway ("hiring personnel for foreign private military companies") .. so front, or deep state group is a more real |const.
-- Sunvalley (talk) 19:40, 7 September 2023 (UTC)