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Roy Brown is the former president of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

On April 18, 2005, Brown organized – in collaboration with David G. Littman, Rene Wadlow, John Eibner and Hans Stuckelberger (CSI) – a Parallel NGO Day Conference at the United Nations Human Rights Council on 'Victims of Jihad: Muslims, Dhimmis, Apostates, and Women' (Speakers / texts: Johannes J.G. Jansen; Hamouda F. Bella; David G. Littman; Bat Ye'or; Ibn Warraq; Azam Kamguian; Simon Deng; Caroline Fourest; Taslima Nasrin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali; Moderators: John Eibner, Rev. Hans Stuckelberger, Roy W. Brown, Fiametta Venner.)

Brown strongly criticised a report on Islamophobia by the special rapporteur on racism at the UNHRC in 2007:

What little hostility towards Islam that does exist among indigenous Europeans has not arisen in a vacuum, but is largely a reaction to Islamic extremism. More and more European mosques are promoting hardline Islamic ideology, including demonisation of Jews, infidels and homosexuals, and contempt for Western culture and civilisation.[1]



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