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Interest ofUS/Senate/Committee/Agriculture Nutrition and Forestry
The life sustaining content of food, as distinct from qualities such as taste and texture

As of 2017, 85% of human calories were estimated to come from just 8 crops: soy bean oil, palm oil, wheat, rice, maize, sugar, barley and potato.[1]

“Just as we saw during the 1970s stagflation crisis, there is a rush to cut quality in all goods and services, but food is a major target. Today, it’s about convincing the market to consume more carbs and processed foods and less protein. Tomorrow, it will be about abandoning established agriculture altogether and having all our food manufactured in labs. The elites seem to be planning for a significant financial crisis beyond what we have already dealt with and this is evident in their efforts to sell the reconstruction of our dietary habits based on poverty rather than prosperity.”
Brandon Smith (19 March 2024)  [2]

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