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Mike Veale is a senior UK policeman who is reportedly "120% confident" in the truth of VIPaedophile allegations against Edward Heath, and thinks "they are totally convincing.”[1]


Mike Veale grew up in Somerset, UK.[2]


He joined the police aged 16 in 1984. In January 2005 he was promoted to Detective Superintendent and transferred to Wiltshire Police. In the same year he was promoted to Detective Chief Superintendent as Head of CID. In March 2013, Mike became Deputy Chief Constable an on 1 June 2015 Chief Constable.[2]

Operation Conifer

In August 2015[1] Mr Veale’s officers launched Operation Conifer to investigate the allegations into Sir Edward Heath, with a staff of 17 and costs of over £1 million.[3] In December 2016, Mike Veale took the unusual step of issuing a three-page public statement concerning the ongoing investigation.[1]

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