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Group.png McCain Institute/Next Generation Leaders program
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Membership• Thanh Long Kap
• Marzina Khan
• Batu Kutelia
• Cedrian Lopez-Bosch
• Carlos Mayorga
• Soraya Aziz Souleymane
• Travis Trammell
• Giorgi Akhmeteli
• Zaheer Abbas
• Irina Gotisan
• Dmytro Kovalchuk
• Urmo Kübar
• Siham J. Mamand
• Sahana Mishra
• Berivan Orucoglu
• Michael Petric
• Konstantin Popkov
• Sonam Tobgay
• Christina Williams
• Veljko Culafic
• Mohammed AlTarawnh
• Kimie Morishita
• Branislav Nešović
• Lida Noory
• Hafiz Rehmatullah
• Karambu Ringera
• Sergiy Shtukarin
• Ife Smith
• Bashar Sorri
• Phirun Meach
• Peter Klotz
• Eman Elabd
• Rosie Gomez
• Leon Hernandez
• Mira Koroma
• Diego Mora Bello
• Dael Dervishi
• Ezzeddine Ben Rhima
• Esra Assery
• Edlira Gjoni
• Talitha Goldmann-Kefalas
• Erkaiym Mambetalieva
• Nathalie Mondésir
• Gantuya Sainkhuu
• Ilze Vinkele
• Maryam Faghih Imani
• Yaroslav Bekish
• Selamawit Girmay Birhane
• Sokayna El Allam
• Ljubomir Filipović
• Liisa Past
• Aliz Pocsuvalszki
• Liubov Romanova
• Kateryna Smagliy
• Tyesha Wood
• Abdalaziz Alhamza
• Modou Sowe
• Esther Akafia
• Marija Dautartaite
• Vimal Kumar
• Ximena Lainfiesta
• Nthabiseng Letsie
• Jerlie Requerme
• Ledyani Simarmata
• Zaw Tu Hkawng
• Tobias von Lossow

The McCain Institute's Next Generation Leaders Program is designed to train a cadre of future world leaders that are assets of the United States, or as local opposition and helpers in regime changes. Both these things the CIA used to finance before 1983, but they are now funneled through front organizations like the McCain Institute.

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The McCain Institute’s flagship ‘Next Generation Leaders’ (NGL) program is designed to identify, train, network and empower a diverse group of emerging, character-driven leaders from the United States and around the world. The NGL program offers up to 20 emerging global leaders one year of targeted professional and personal development—with a core focus on values, ethics and leadership—in order to create a capable and lasting global network of character-driven leaders who shape the world we will inhabit in the future. As the Institute links successive classes of leaders together, it creates a global network of advocates for common core values of security, economic opportunity, freedom and human dignity. [1]

Next Generation Leaders are individuals with varying professional backgrounds, who even in their early-to mid-careers have demonstrated extraordinary character, commitment to core human values and capacity for future leadership.

Since 2013, the Next Generation Leaders program has trained 45 leaders from around the world in values, ethics and character-driven leadership. The result is a global network of emerging leaders who shape the world we will inhabit in the future. [2]

The Next Generation Leaders Program has partnered with 42 organizations around the United States, including Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and leading non-governmental organizations.

International participants come to the United States for one year, while American professionals spend the same time gaining new experiences in the United States in an environment different from their home. The program offers a unique blend of professional development, exposure to top-level policymakers and formal training in leadership. At four junctures throughout the year, the program provides hands-on training focused on values, ethics and leadership, media and communications skills, and best practice examples of American business, political and civic life.

A key aspect of the program is each NGL’s preparation of an individual Leadership Action Plan. Aimed at defining the tangible steps and actions the NGLs will take to bring about positive change in their home societies, the Action Plan becomes the central project of the NGL’s development year. Each NGL will take this plan home for implementation upon completion of the program. At four junctures throughout the year, the program provides training in values, ethics, leadership, along with media and communications skills and access to the best examples of American business, political, and civic leadership.

NGLs take their Leadership Action Plans home for implementation upon completion of the program and stay connected to each other and The McCain Institute via the NGL Global Network, a communications platform for LAP follow-up and discussion.[3]