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The degree of autonomy of the Integrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft is a matter of speculation.

Who has operational control of the Integrity Initiative is a moot point. The group is very secretive, as is typical for deep state group. Its leaked documents, together with what is known about its public activities, provide indirect evidence of control by the UK Deep state.


The group's operational HQ is in Temple, London, in a basement reportedly provided rent free by the UK Ministry of Defense.

"the Sponsor"

A suggestion that the group is directly answerable to an external entity is provided by a sidebar comment from Victor Madeira. He commented on a document from the third Integrity Initiative leak:

“Comment [VM2]: Most of these aren’t even Cluster countries – can II justify spending ££ on strengthening media there? Don’t get me wrong: any help we can provide these and other colleagues is a win in my books but I’m trying to anticipate how the Sponsor may see the relevance of speakers from some of these countries.”
Victor Madeira (16 March 2018)  [citation needed]


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