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French Parliamentary elections in 2024

2024 French legislative elections were scheduled for July in 2024. The elections were presented in ccm as a race between Marine Le Pen and President Macron.


An early legislative election was held in France on 30 June 2024, with a second round to be held on 7 July, to choose all 577 members of the 17th National Assembly of the French Fifth Republic. The election follows the dissolution of the National Assembly by President Emmanuel Macron, who decided to call a snap election in the aftermath of the 2024 European Parliament election in France in which the opposition National Rally party of Le Pen made substantial gains against his L'Europe Ensemble list. [1]


The legislative election features four main blocs: Ensemble, the coalition of pro-Macron forces including Renaissance, the Democratic Movement, and Horizons; the New Popular Front (NFP), bringing together the main parties of the left, including La France Insoumise, the Socialist Party, The Ecologists, and the French Communist Party; the National Rally (RN), which also jointly supported several dozen candidates backed by Éric Ciotti of The Republicans (LR) in addition to its own candidates; and the vast majority of other LR candidates, who were supported by the national investiture committee of the party.[2]

French snap elections: ‘Macron camp nowhere to be seen' • FRANCE 24 English

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