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Founder• Michael Berenhaus
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InterestsThe Washington Post

Eye On The Post, Inc., also known as EyeOnThePost.Org, describes itself as "a non-profit, educational corporation". It is dedicated to criticising The Washington Post for what it sees as the paper's anti-Israel bias. It was formed in 2002, it states, in response to "The Washington Post's skewed coverage of news in the Middle East".[1]

Eye On The Post states on its website:

The catalyst was The Washington Post's false reporting of a massacre in Jenin by the Israeli Defense Forces following the Passover bombings in April, 2002. Palestinians, aided by reporters looking for ... indeed hoping for ... a story of mass atrocities committed by Israel's military, fabricated a web of lies. Not only did all of these false news articles prove to have been lies, but the truth that eventually seeped out was that Israel's defense forces went out of their way to spare civilian lives at a substantial cost of an excessive loss of their own lives. The Post never effectively apologized, and it never adequately reported the humanitarian measures actually taken by the IDF to avoid excessive loss of Palestinian civilian lives.[2]

Eye On The Post examines The Washington Post's news on the Middle East daily for what it considers to be misinformation and inadequacies. Its goal is to "To serve the Public Interest by educating the public on the First Amendment, the history of journalism, the journalistic Code of Ethics and media bias" and to "move The Washington Post off of its long time anti-Israel bias in reporting on events in the Middle East"[3]. It adds, "Eye On The Post is nonpartisan, and its goal is nothing more and nothing less than truthful and fair reporting on events in the Middle East."[4]

A Google search on Eye On The Post turns up numerous statements that the the group "Exposes inaccurate, unfair, unbalanced and biased anti-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Middle East reporting by The Washington Post".[5]


According to an article in Washington Jewish Week, one of the founders of Eye On The Post is Michael Berenhaus, who is also a founder of the Pakistan-Israel Peace Forum.[6]

As of December 2009, the members of the Board are:[7]


Eye On The Post says it exists by the charitable contributions of its supporters".[8]


According to Eye On The Post's website, "Many of the organizers of Eye On The Post were active with BoycottThePost.org, a grass roots effort that seized on the collective displeasure of the community with The Washington Post's reporting and sought to convey that displeasure to The Post through a temporary subscription stoppage."[9]

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