Dutch PM thanks locals

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Date08/08/2014 12:00:00 - Present
DescriptionDutch PM thanks locals (dissidents) for their assistance with the investigation.


'We recently learned from a Ukrainian medical officer, who coordinated recovery efforts in the first few days after the crash, that an intensive search was carried out during that time, with the help of 800 volunteers. Many bodies were recovered then, all of which are now back in NL. The fact that our teams found few remains over the past few days would seem to confirm that more work was done in the immediate wake of the disaster than we previously thought.'

'I also want to express my thanks to the local population, who have played such an important role in this operation and may continue to do so in the future.'

and from: http://www.government.nl/news/2014/08/06/press-statement-by-pieter-jaap-aalbersberg-head-of-the-recovery-mission.html

Residents did come to hand in the personal belongings of victims, and statements were taken from some people. They provide an insight into how local residents and the emergency services recovered human remains shortly after the crash. It appears that they did so with great care and sensitivity. We are grateful for their help and the respect they showed. Today, again, the search team saw how deeply affected and committed many local residents remain.

Early on, the search team found significant quantities human remains mainly in the vicinity of the poultry farm. These were transported immediately to the Netherlands, where the process of identification will now continue. In addition, there are a total of 10 one-cubic-meter packages filled with personal belongings. These include items of great significance to the victims' loved ones, such as photo albums, cameras, jewelry, diaries, passports and cuddly toys.

Bit of change of heart, since Jul 19th, when Rutte said: "I am shocked by the images of completely disrespectful behaviour at this tragic place. In defiance of all the rules of proper investigation, people have evidently been picking through the personal and recognisable belongings of the victims. This is appalling."