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Leaders• Dow/CEO
• Dow/Chair
Member ofBusiness Roundtable, European Policy Centre, Friends of Europe, Transatlantic Policy Network, WEF/Strategic Partners
Sponsor ofScience Media Centre
Dow/Chair of the Board
Membership• Jeff M. Fettig
• Samuel R. Allen
• Ajay Banga
• Jacqueline K. Barton
• James A. Bell
• Wesley G. Bush
• Richard K. Davis
• Jacqueline C. Hinman
• Jill S. Wyant
• Daniel W. Yohannes

The Dow Chemical Company makes chemicals, including chemical weapons.[citation needed]


Full article: Bhopal explosion

Yes Men

A Yes Men spokesman was interviewed by the BBC on an anniversary of the Bhopal explosion, and announced that the company was putting itself into liquidation in order to properly compensate the victims.[1]


Related Quotation

Agent Orange“For really almost 40 years, there has been a studious, concerted, planned effort to keep any study from being done and to discredit any study that has been done.”Jeanne M. Stellman2016


Known member

1 of the 10 of the members already have pages here:

Ajay BangaIndian-US business with a lot of connections, especially to processed food. As Mastercard executive interested in a cashless society.


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