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 Hatton talked to ... "Paul Gibbins M&C Saatchi World Services. Introduced him to the II. They have just started a 3 yr contract with the State dept on Defence. He is ex Mil"

That the ad bureau Saatchi is working with State Dept. is a real nugget in this document. Remember Malali and the incubators in Kuwait 1990?

It is probably directly related to the work for the British state (ignore the combating right-wing angle, it is a smokescreen to justify state propaganda to the Guardian readership)

 It was first reported last year that M&C Saatchi had won a Home Office contract to produce up to 10 campaigns a year to tackle extremism.... It quoted an insider as saying that the government would challenge “people who read Breitbart and stuff like that, the conspiratorial media”.