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Date14/08/2014 12:00:00 PM - Present
DescriptionCriminal investigation plane crash in full swing

August 14, 2014 - National Prosecution

After the disaster of flight MH17 from Malaysia Airlines, the Public Prosecutor (OM) an extensive criminal investigation. The Dutch OM has thus taken the lead in international cooperation with the countries affected by the disaster.

Within the OM is the national prosecutor in charge of the investigation. The main objective of the criminal investigation is to determine the cause of the plane crash and identify the perpetrators.

It is known for the largest criminal investigation in Dutch history. The research is now led by a dozen prosecutors and carried out by about 200 investigators from different disciplines.

Disaster Spot Even though the place where the plane came down at present inaccessible, the criminal investigation is in full swing. It is not excluded that the crash site at a later time is available and research in that area will be resumed.

The prosecution and the police have intensive consultations with other countries on international cooperation in research.