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Champollion describes itself as an "independent communications consultancy, specialising in issues management, media handling and stakeholder relations, with outstanding expertise in public policy relations."[1]

The firm was set up by Simon Buckby who was a campaign director at Britain in Europe. In 2006 Rebecca Hewitt left Luther Pendragon to join Champollion as a senior consultant. Other appointments made at the creation of Champollion were Andrew Nye from the Attorney General's office and former Daily Express journalist Angela Cooke[2]. On joining Champollion Andrew Nye commented 'At the Attorney General's Office I've dealt with the media on controversial issues such as non-jury trials in some complex fraud cases, and Iraq,'[3].

Client Contracts

Commission for Racial Equailty

Champollion advised the Commission for Racial Equality on media relations. As well as the Commission for Racial Equality, Champollion advise individual race equality councils[4]. Champollion were hired by the CRE's communication director Colleen Harris[5].

Trevor Phillips said of the partnership with Champollion:

“We worked with Champollion at all levels of the CRE – strategic counsel to me and the senior management team, practical support for our media relations, and document-drafting with our policy wonks. They always go the extra mile to make better best.”[6].


Lorna Fitzsimmons the Chief Executive of BICOM commissioned Champollion as one of her key campaign strategists and media advisers. Fitzsimmons described the service delivered by Champollion:

“In leading our message development, including through rigorous media training, and in supporting the work of our in-house communications professionals, Champollion has shown a thorough knowledge of the policy area and a commitment that is frankly beyond the call of duty.”[7].


Champollion has been commissioned to work with FRIDE on their Democratisation Programme. They are tasked with strengthening FRIDE's brand among the foreign policy community in Britain.

Champollion outline their strategy as:

"working with FRIDE to develop the tightly defined messaging that will help push their policy concerns higher up the political agenda, to draw attention to their research and policy papers, and to ensure their arguments are heard by the right policy makers, analysts and journalists in Westminster and Brussels"[8]

Stop the Boycott

Champollion and Populus were the PR firms hired by BICOM to manage the Stop the Boycott campaign which was designed to prevent British Universities boycotting Israeli academic institutions[9].



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