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Document:American War MachineA precis of the entire book, an analysis of the hidden mechanisms behind the exercise of real power in the Western World. The book is a culmination and synthesis of all of the author's earlier work on 'Deep Events' and the 'Deep State. Together with the work of Ola Tunander on the same subjects, it is a highly recommended for anyone seeking more than superficial understanding of the predicament of 21st Century humanity.
Document:Britain's noxious history of Imperial warfareThe British Empire is indefensible unless conquered peoples are somehow less worthy beings than the British. What British people would regard as crimes if done to them, were and are justified in the name of empire. The official narrative, still largely accepted in the West, is racist to its core and illustrates the hypocrisy of an Establishment that never tires of warning about the evils of racism at home whilst predicating its foreign policy on it.
Document:Freedom and the Future of the Internet
Document:The Franklin Scandal
Document:What We Need to Learn From TE LawrenceMichael Korda's introduction to his book "Hero: The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia", a biography of TE Lawrence

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